Laguna Creek
Laguna Creek on the Cosumnes River Laguna Creek with valley oaks at Cosumnes River Preserve in California in United States, North America. © Tom Klare

Groundwater Access for All


Data Finds Most California Groundwater Sustainability Plans Fail to Protect Vulnerable Communities and the Environment

A new report details these shortcomings and provides recommendations on how to better prepare our groundwater basins across the state.

A Review of Groundwater Sustainability Plans

This report provides a set of recommendations on how California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act can better protect vulnerable communities and the environment. The recommendations are based on findings from a study published this week in Nature Communications, which found that the majority of local groundwater plans developed under California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) overlook the state’s most vulnerable groundwater users. Find the report and partnering resources below.

  • Achieving Groundwater Access for All


    This report analyzes the degree to which groundwater plans equitably integrate and protect vulnerable groundwater users, and suggests course corrections in the ongoing process to ensure we are preparing our groundwater basins for a changed climate.

 San Pablo Bay wetlands
Wetlands Areas like northern California’s San Pablo Bay provide multiple benefits including increased carbon stocks, flood protection & better water quality. © Aya Okawa /TNC Photo Contest 2019

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Groundwater Access for All