The Nature Conservancy

There is much truth behind the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” When most people think of freshwater, they envision rivers, wetlands, lakes or reservoirs. But 30 times more freshwater on Earth is stored underground and out of sight. In fact, only some 1% of available freshwater can be seen on the surface, as two thirds of the Earth’s freshwater is frozen in glaciers and ice caps, and nearly one third is groundwater. 

Groundwater resources supply nearly half the world’s drinking water—and support the farms that feed us. But that’s not all: Groundwater cools the data centers that keep the Internet running, and drive industries including energy, mining and manufacturing. 

The Nature Conservancy is partnering with tribes, local water agencies, state agencies, consultants, academics, and other NGOs to develop the science on nature’s ties to groundwater and showcase multi-benefit management strategies for nature and people.

The purpose of the Groundwater Resource Hub is to help us achieve sustainable groundwater management by providing the science and tools needed to help address nature’s water needs. Over time, our goal is to improve the understanding of nature’s groundwater needs to reduce uncertainties and therefore enhance sustainable groundwater management. Your comments and ideas are welcome.

San Joaquin Valley Delta
San Joaquin Valley Wetlands in the San Joaquin Valley of California. © Lara Weatherly