GDE Guidance for GSPs

Wetlands framed by a long grove of trees.
Mcfarland Ranch Ranch on the Consumnes River in California. © Mike Eaton/TNC

SGMA empowers local agencies to sustainably manage groundwater to benefit California’s communities, economy, and diverse natural resources. To do this, SGMA requires local agencies to develop groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) that consider the impacts of groundwater use on a variety of beneficial uses and users including people, businesses, and the environment.

Recognizing data and resource limitations, The Nature Conservancy developed this guidance document to help local and state agencies, consultants and stakeholders use the best available science to efficiently and cost-effectively identify and consider GDEs as required in GSPs. It provides a step-by-step guide that fits within the overall planning process established by SGMA.

GDE Guidance Document for GSPs

Downloadable Worksheets:

  1. Assess a Connection to Groundwater PDF | Word Doc
  2. GDE Ecological Inventory PDF | Word Doc
  3. Potential Effects on GDE Summary PDF | Word Doc
  4. Biological Change Assessment PDF | Word Doc
  5. Establishing the Sustainability Goal and Measurable Objectives as they Pertain to GDEs PDF | Word Doc
  6. Monitoring Data for GDEs PDF | Word Doc

NEW (July 2019): The Nature Conservancy is providing guidance highlighting six best practices for using local groundwater data to confirm whether mapped features in the NC dataset are supported by groundwater.

Identifying GDEs Under SGMA: Best Practices for using the NC Dataset